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Poster: Jacky Hughes Date: Apr 15, 2013 4:21am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: So how's Thailand ?

By the way, I've been meaning to ask; how are things in Thailand these days ?

There's been a bit of negative press recently - the odd murder, a bit of jihadist insurrection in the south etc.

I'm still considering heading out there in a year or two, but not 100% sure yet.

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Poster: Tidewater four ten O nine Date: Apr 15, 2013 5:53pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: So how's Thailand ?

No problems here (the royal city of Hua Hin, 2 - 2.5 hours drive south of Bangkok). Sleepy seaside town now in low-season after Christmas (high-season)rush.

Have big villa with loads of space between me and the neighbours (who are never there anyway) so I can play the Dead real loud - so loud that the glass in the windows begins to rattle and the tiles start to fall off the roof (then I turn it down a shade!), at least until the kids come home from school and/or the wife comes home from work.

No problems with Muslims here (please don't think of me as a racist, only reporting the facts) like there are in the extreme south. Was talking to an American guy who was living in Krabi but was looking to move to Hua Hin. He told me that Hua Hin was more expensive (though the bear is in fact very cheap and the women even cheaper) but he had to move 'cos Krabi was getting over-run with Muslims and they had made death threats against his dog (a beautiful German Shepherd). I didn't know but he told me that Muslims regard dogs as unclean and I've since checked this on the 'www'. Incidentally, I asked him if he'd heard of Jerry Garcia and he told me that he'd seen them 10 times and his son was a Dead Head too ........ so we chatted about them for a while!!

I doubt if they (the Muslims) will make any inroads here in Hua Hin 'cos we like our pork spare ribs too much !!! Apologies to any Dead Head Muslims out there (?), just reporting the facts ........

"Murders"? The only murders we get to hear about are fictional ones on our satellite TV, but there are a couple of 'marks' that I was thinking of 'taking out' - don't get me started again !!!

So, Thailand - sun, sea, sand and as much GD as you want to Download from Lossless Legs, Pirate Bay, whatever. No problems (here) but keep away from the extreme south.

Incidentally (#2) they call it Royal Hua Hin 'cos the King has a big summer palace here and the queen has 2-3 smaller ones scattered around, but we don't see much of them these days 'cos his ill-health keeps him tied to his life support system in Bangkok.

Either way, keep on Truckin'.